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Monday, July 17, 2006

Margie's Musings

Margie's Musings

Hi all- July 17, 2006

Greetings from Singapore, where I have found an Internet Cafe across from our hotel and am trying to check e-mail through
the 012 server with no luck. We arrived here yesterday from Bangkok, and met sseveral of Steve's colleagues at the hotel yesterday evening. Now they are in meetiings so I have the day to myself.....

We are of course following the news and are worried like everyone else. However, this time it has 'hit really close to home'--the son of neighbors of ours from Maccabim, a soldier, was killed in last week's incidents on the Lebanese border.

We are 'glued' to the CNN and BBC, even though we know thwy are not telling the whole story, to say the least. (This is a time we REALLY miss the commentary in Maariv/Haaretz as well as the TV news at home. ) So, we check those websites as well as Walla, etc. for the 'headlines behing the news.'


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